What You Should Know Before Looking For A Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement rings are a tradition that has lasted a long time now, and many people see it as the best and most romantic way to propose to someone. Not only does it signify your investment in the other person, but it is a homage to tradition and the millions of people who have gone through the same ritual before and who will go through it after you. Not every diamond engagement ring is the same, however, so it pays to be aware of a few key things before making your choice. This is not, after all, a small purchase, so it makes sense to do your research.

The 4 Cs

When it comes to diamonds, there are four different factors that will affect the price: the cut, clarity, colour and carats. The colour is obvious; the more unique a colour (or the clearer the diamond) is, the more expensive it is. The cut just refers to how light reflects in the diamond after it has been processed by the jeweller. Clarity and colour can be confusing to the uninitiated, but clarity actually refers to any imperfections in the diamond. Finally, carats are a measurement of the weight of a diamond.  If you want to save a bit of money, look for diamonds with a slightly lower colour and clarity value, as these are two areas that are hard to judge with the naked eye so they will still look amazing.


Diamond engagement rings require a bit of care every few years (or every year, depending on the use), so do not be lax in your duties to have it checked out by a jeweller. They will make sure that the gem is kept clean, the claw holding the gem is still tight, the precious metals are polished and there is no wear and tear threatening the overall stability of the engagement ring. Preferably, you want to buy the ring from a jeweller near you so that you can take it back to them when you want it cleaned.


A diamond engagement ring does not have to be something mass-produced; in fact, many people choose to have their engagement rings custom-made so that they have a greater connection to the piece. You might want a simple customisation done, such as a tiny engraved message, or you may want something large like a totally new and self-designed ring. Whatever the case, talk to a jeweller and get their thoughts, they will be able to tell you what is feasible and what is a too big a task while always trying to find the exact design you want. 

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