Two reasons to buy handcrafted jewellery

There are numerous reasons why handcrafted jewellery is better than the mass-produced jewellery that is made in factories. Below are some brief explanations as to why this is the case.

1. Each piece is unique

Even if a person who makes handcrafted jewellery only sells one or two designs, which means each piece they make will be unique. This is because it is almost impossible for a jewellery maker to replicate a jewellery design if they make their items by hand, rather than with a machine. These differences are not imperfections but are simply features that add a touch of individuality and character to each piece.

Whilst the differences between each piece might be subtle (for example, the position and sizes of each indentation in one hammered silver ring might differ from those of another ring based on the same design), it is these small variations that make each item one-of-a-kind. As such, if you prefer to wear unique accessories that make your outfits stand out, but cannot afford to have a piece designed specifically for you, purchasing a handcrafted necklace or bracelet is the next best thing. Likewise, if you want to give someone special a beautiful and distinctive, but affordable piece of jewellery, buying them this item and adding an inexpensive engraving to it would be a good way to accomplish this.

2. It's a sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly choice 

Handcrafted pieces of jewellery can also be very eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical; far more so than jewellery that's mass-produced in big factories. This is due in part to the fact that a person who makes jewellery by hand doesn't use the same type of powerful, energy-guzzling manufacturing equipment that is used in jewellery-making factories but instead utilises manual tools, the use of which doesn't produce greenhouse gases.

Additionally, many people who handcraft jewellery are often more conscious about sourcing their jewellery-making materials from ethical suppliers than large-scale jewellery manufacturers and will frequently buy things like gemstones sold by fair trade suppliers, recycled wood and wire, and vintage jewellery components (like clasps, chain links, etc.) that they can re-use when making their own pieces. As such, when you buy a handcrafted bangle or necklace, you don't have to worry that doing this will dramatically increase your carbon footprint or result in you indirectly contributing to the unethical mining of diamonds or gemstones.

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