Trendy Watch Band Materials to Consider When Switching From Leather

Watches remain classic pieces of jewellery that complement both sexes. The right watch paired with the right band can go a long way in upgrading any outfit, whether you are simply taking a stroll to the supermarket or going on a night out. While leather has been the go-to material for watch bands, other materials are steadily coming to the fore as trendier and more functional solutions. Quality leather, granted, will always ooze classic charm, but this does not mean that new-age watch bands do not have a place in your watch drawer too!

The following piece explores two trendy watch band materials that you should consider when switching from leather.


This synthetic polymer is a staple in a myriad of industries ranging from the automotive to the electronic sectors. Unsurprisingly, it has steadily made its way into the watch industry due to its qualities that promote durability.

For starters, silicone is inherently resistant to heat, and this makes it perfect for individuals that are routinely exposed to extreme temperatures, such as mountaineers. Second, this material is flexible, making it a comfortable fit. The straps of silicone watch bands perform well when exposed to water since the material is non-absorbent. It is also worth noting that this material is a great option for people that are allergic to metals, as the silicone will not react with their skin. 

Nonetheless, silicone does come with a couple of drawbacks. These watch bands cost more than some materials. It also attracts dirt much faster than other watch bands, so you may have to replace the bands regularly.


If you are envisioning flimsy, paper-like supplies when you think of nylon, you are mistaken. What you may be surprised to learn about nylon is that it is a term that generally refers to a broad range of synthetic supplies that are processed and manufactured into an assortment of shapes and textures! Nylon watch bands are designed for this specific purpose and will not be as thin or weak as, for example, nylon bags.

The lightweight nature of nylon watch bands makes them barely noticeable on your wrist, so you will not feel the effects of wearing your watch all day. Additionally, nylon watch bands are both water and corrosion-resistant. Hence you never have to take off your watch if you, for instance, work with chemicals regularly. 

The major drawback of this material is that it is prone to discolouration, more so when exposed to changing temperatures. So if you spend a lot of time outdoors, the watch bands will eventually require replacing due to the fading.

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Watches remain classic pieces of jewellery that complement both sexes. The right watch paired with the right band can go a long way in upgrading any o